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Tora Harris graduated from Princeton University in 2002 with a degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering. While at Princeton, Harris ran track and became a 2 time winner of the NCAA Championship in the High Jump. 

After graduation he continued this athletics career at a professional level. He moved Europe (Germany and the Netherlands) for 2 years and became fascinated with the bicycle culture.   

He later became a three-time U.S. Champion and made the USA Olympic Team in 2004. 

Harris founded Juiced Riders in 2009 and started with the sales of large lithium battery packs for e-bikes. The company quickly progressed to making full e-bikes starting with innovative ODK platform in 2010. 

The ODK platform uses 20” wheels and a large battery pack for for long range commutes. The design features a integrated rack and step-thru frame for optimal practicality. Speaking fluent Chinese, Harris visited china to on a quest to manufacture the perfect “car-replacment" e-bike. 

In 2013 Harris met Mr. Ni, founder of Luyuan Electric Vehicle one of the largest e-bike manufactures in China with over 1.5 million e-bikes produced per year. Mr. Ni agreed to help Harris manufacture the third generation ODK Utility Electric Bike. 

The third generation e-bike launched in 2014 with largest battery capacity of any e-bike on the market. The bike is designed to withstand the heavy demands of daily commuting and manufactured to the highest international quality standards. Major consideration has been give to reliability, serviceability and ease of use while remaining an affordable means of alternative transportation. 

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