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Mountain biker catching air on a Pivot.


Pivot Cycles is located in Tempe, Arizona. They're an innovative mountain bike company that aims to make your off roading better in every way. They pride themselves on improving every aspect of their bikes. From superior suspension designs to flawless frame construction, there's painstaking attention to detail in everything Pivot does. 

At the heart of a Pivot Cycles mountain bike, you’ll find the dw-link suspension design. This revolutionary position-sensitive, anti-squat design eliminates pedal bob during hard pedaling efforts out of the saddle and gives the bike additional traction while climbing whether you’re standing or sitting. The dw-link allows for superior tunability too, to give you the best pedaling possible. And, it also offers a supple and bottomless feel on rough terrain. Simply put, the dw-link is the next level of suspension design. 

Frame stiffness is one of the most important factors in getting the most out of any suspension. That’s why every detail in a Pivot frame is scrutinized for stiffness and strength. Pivot's wider bottom bracket shell allows a larger down tube contributing to overall rigidity. And the dw-link features oversize pivot axles rotating on 8 cartridge bearings. Combined with an upper carbon link and one-piece rear triangle, the reliability of this zero-flex design is unmatched. The result is ultra-precise handling, stability and durability. And you get this on all Pivot models. 

If you’re ready for the next level in mountain-bike bliss, stop by the shop and we’ll show you why Pivot Cycles are next to none. You'll be as impressed as we are.